Whole School Approach to
Resilience Training

We know that being resilient means having the ability to overcome stressful, challenging and sometimes traumatic experiences.

Developing resilience in school and college helps to ensure children and young people maintain positive wellbeing and mental health and prepare to enter adult life with more readiness to handle life’s challenges.

What is Whole School Approach (WSA) to Building Resilience Toolkit?

We're looking to develop a WSA Resilience Toolkit that follows the framework of basics, belonging, learning, coping and core-self and provide a focus for schools to bring these aspects of resilience to life.

What will the focus groups cover?

We want to understand how staff working in education would use this toolkit, and what they'd like it to contain. We're running a series of one-hour workshops exploring each element of the Resilience Framework from a school lens, and the steps schools can take to build resilience in children and young people. We'll explore how the five areas of resilience link with teaching staff or the schools' targeted support for mental health.

As a result of this piece of work, schools and colleges will have access to a WSA Resilience Toolkit that looks at a whole school approach to resilience, and practical ways of achieving this, with real case study examples from other schools across the city and wider. 

Why are we developing this toolkit?

We know resilience is about bouncing back and overcoming challenges and adversity, but the Resilience Framework unpacks that in much more detail, it outlines factors such as feeling safe that it outlined in the basics, how does the school within its policies, procedures and curriculum promote safety within school for example? Resilience is not just down to the child or young person, but about the systems that support that child, so this framework will take a deeper dive in to the school system and how it promotes resilience as a whole school.

How can you take part in the focus groups?
You can join all focus groups, or attend single groups if you wish. 

The sessions will be delivered on Microsoft Teams.

If you would like to take part in these workshops, please register your interest by completing the form below.


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